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EMO 2019 – The latest news in “Made in Italy” filtration: ARGOS PRO

Argos Pro offers particular features that have never before been seen on other units of its or similar categories. Its innovative filter protections allow for greater performance and lower consumption and prevent internal drips. This increases efficiency in filtration and the life of the filters themselves, maintaining a greater uniformity of the flow at the filter inlet. Furthermore, the structure is larger than the previous version: in fact, the innovative design reduces the vibrations and noise typical of this type of product and ensures exceptional resistance, especially in the transport and handling phases. The new Argos Pro range filters have been designed for the filtration of oil mist (emulsion like neat oil), vapours and fumes coming from various mechanical processes.

Argos Pro is available in 3 sizes, with flow rates from 3,000 to 15,000 m3/h and with different combinations of increasing filtration efficiency, up to an efficiency of 99.97%. The filter module is a unit specifically designed for the industrial sector, where robustness, reliability and simplicity of operation and maintenance are essential features. Moreover, the use of increasingly efficient filters and the possibility of using pre and post filtration systems allows for the use of Argos Pro in all modern mechanical processes, from the simplest to the most demanding.

Air enters through a stilling chamber, which can be equipped with a «Twister» pre-abatement system that further facilitates the re-aggregation of the finest particles through a forced centrifugal effect. The air then passes through two separate completely regenerable filtering sections, with an efficiency of 80-90% in accordance with standard UNI EN 779, to then reach the chamber where the filtering elements are housed, where pleated cartridges with a high filtering surface hold the finest impurities back, reaching an F9 filtration efficiency of 95%. Upon request, the absolute H13 filter can obtain a very high level of filtration, 99.97% in accordance with standard EN 1822, and particularly suitable for micro mist and fumes.

The Argos Pro filter unit is equipped with a pressure gauge to display clogging of the filter elements. It can be equipped upon request with a digital display for viewing the main functions and the exclusive «LED Up» system which can indicate the clogging status of the filter elements via three different colours.

Filter removal is easy, immediate and clean, since the two filtration system chambers are separated by a sheet metal panel, which is also a support for the filtering elements themselves.

The re-condensed oil mists are collected in a large tank equipped with an external visual level and (upon request) a pump for automatic liquid emptying.

Losma staff is available from 16 to 21 September at EMO PAVILION 7 – STAND C10 to show you all the latest in the field of filtration and its wide range of products.

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