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Silvano Alberti – Export manager interview


Anyone who is passionate about metal cutting is excited by the smell of cutting oil that fills their senses every day, from morning to afternoon. The scent is upon us when we get home. We couldn’t take it off our clothes if we wanted to. As with anything really good, there can be too much. Why waste it in the air and how much does it cost your machine tool shop?

We talked about it with Silvano Alberti, Export Manager, who will quickly explain the impact when the fog is not controlled and propose some solutions that you could consider to gain control of this necessary component of the metal cutting process.


What is the impact of machine tools?
The sensitive electronic components found in CNC machines do not benefit from being coated in a sticky layer of cutting oil. The emulsified condensate that occurs on electrical and electronic components reduces the heat displacement ability, but this kills the electronics. The cost will be expressed in broken electronics, slow program processing speeds, and wasted downtime that is always feared.
Luckily there is a remedy: using Losma oil mist filters will ensure clean air to the workshop environment and control cabinets, prevent mist from escaping from the cabin and also prevent the fans from becoming dirty and ineffective.

What does excessive consumption of cutting oil consist of and what does it involve?
Cutting oil is valuable for its price. Excessive consumption occurs when fog escapes into the surrounding atmosphere and poor control of this leads to excessive expense on the part of customers. If you are still using the fog collectors that came with your CNC machine 10 years ago, an upgrade is most likely in need. Losma systems collect more than 98% of the fog, returning it to the tank for recirculation.

What are personnel hazards and human costs?
Slips and falls are today the main cause of accidents at work, so it is advisable to minimize this risk whenever possible.
Cutting off oil leaks involves the practice of spraying parts away. Some operators manage to spray into the processing cabinet, but that time with the door open adds to a significant loss of production. This spray and mist go everywhere, making slips and falls inevitable. The addition of a Losma fog collector can allow maximum productivity, maximum recovery and optimum safety; providing a generally clean environment for your high-spirited workforce.

Would an expensive maintenance team be put to better use by keeping the machines running?
Replacing the filters and cleaning the fog collector takes a long time. The new fog collection units of the Losma centralized system are truly maintenance-free. If you’re still cleaning your old-fashioned systems every week, only to have to do it all over again next week; an investment in a newer system could allow an entire maintenance worker to address more immediate production problems.

Who to rely on?
Contacting an expert in mist control is the best way to get a solution that will meet your specific needs, without taxing you or your engineering team. Companies like Losma provide a compressive assessment and consultation, with the flexibility to select from a wide variety of solutions. Message us for an evaluation appointment. We’ll me happy to help you get your mist collection on the right track.

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