Coolant filter, neat oils filtration, emulsion filtration

Gravity bed

Coolant filtration system, industrial coolant filtration, emulsion filtration, high efficiency filters

Extra and Extra High are two new gravity bed filters for coolants.

  • Extra High has a double system of coolant discharge which grants more flowrates in a little space.
  • Stainless steel version available
  • Designed to flowrates up to 300l/min of neat oil and 600 l/min of emulsion

United tested

LOSMA guarantees that every single unit is individually tested through strict control procedures. Each unit is issued a test certificate for quality and function.

No waste of fabric

The inclined bed system reduces the filtration media consumption, while the proximity sensors allows a precise movement of fabric.

Fabric rewinding

Filtration systems of Extra series are supplied with a rewinding system to facilitate the changing operations.

Industrial filtering machine, industrial coolant filters, industrial oil mist filter

Machining :
Food Industry
Plastics / Rubber
Machining centres
Industrial washing machine
Sawing machine

Extra and Extra High
Extra is available in two versions, normal and with augmented depth, with 11 models for throughput from 50 to 300 l/min for neat oils and from 100 to 600 l/min for emulsion. Filtration degree is set thanks to the tissue choice and varies from 10 to 50 microns.
Extra High is also supplied with a hydraulic guard, a double system of spill doors on the sides, to avoid overflow phenomena caused by a wrong working of the dragging system.

  • Contaminated coolant is piped into the trough (A) and distributed on the filtration fabric (B),retaining pollutant particles and allowing the cleaned to pass.

  • The fabric collects pollutant particles until it is full and the coolant cannot cross it anymore. The coolant rises its level touching a float which actions the proximity sensor controlling the fabric movement and the replacing with the new one.

  • Dirty fabric (C) is rewound with a dedicated system, while sludge are separated from a scraping blade.

  • The clean liquid pass in the thank below (D) and is sent back to the machine tools thanks to the dedicated system, while sludge are separated from a scraping blade.

1. DMD

Pre-filtration system with rotating magnetic discs for the separation of magnetic polluting particles from coolant.

2. Electrical panel

For powering the system, control and command all signals.

3. Skim

Superficial oil skimmer, it allows to lengthen coolant quality and eliminate odors generated by anaerobic bacteria.

4. Collecting tank

For clean liquid to be sent back to machine tool.

5. Transfer tank

To collect dirty liquid for feeding the filter.



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