Caring for environment

Supplying high quality and eco-friendly products represent the core of our company mission since the beginning, and the commitment is underlined by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

“Working clean, Breathing healthy” summarizes the company philosophy and becomes real in the continuous research for filtration solutions more efficient and eco-compatible. Every Losma system, both oil mist and dust collectors or coolant filters, is tested through strict control procedures, to obtain a certificate for quality and function.

R&D department constantly research new solutions to improve existing products and to offer cutting edge solutions for filtration and depuration to the market. All Losma systems are designed to satisfy three main characteristics:

Eco-friendly products

High efficiency motors, restorable filters, power regulation inverter are just some of the solutions adopted in the range of Losma’s mist collectors and coolant filters, to meet European regulations requirements for company plants for environmental management.

Environmental protection

Installing a filtration system for neat oils or emulsion allows to clean the liquid from pollutant particles and re-use it into the machine tool. This system reduces the quantity of industrial environmental special waste, extending coolants life. Air filtration for oil mists and smoke allows cleaner air to release it back into the workshop, permitting cost-savings for heating in winter and air conditioning in summer.

Better productivity

Re-using a clean coolant in the machine tool allows to reduce the number of flawed pieces during production; because the pollutant particles, which increases the margin of errors, have been removed. Moreover, an efficient depuration system allows to reduce machine stops for maintenance.

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